Tips and Tricks Blackberry shortcut

Short URL

Berikut beberapa shortcut browser pada blackberry khusus untuk qwerty

General Tips

Insert a period (.) in the Go To dialog box

Press Space key

Insert a slash mark (/)in the Go To dialog box

Press Shift key + Space key

Open the browser options

In the browser, press O

Stop loading a web page

Press Escape key

Hide the browser

Press D

Close the browser

Hold Escape key
On a web page

Switch between Column view and Page view

Press Z

Zoom in to a web page

Press I

Zoom out from a web page

Press O

Turn on support for JavaScript

Press J

Move to a specific web page

Press G

Return to the home page

Press H

Open the bookmark list

Press K

Add a bookmark

Press A

View a list of web pages you’ve recently visited

Press I

Refresh a web page

Press R

View the address for a link
Highlight a link

Press L

View the address for a web page

Press P

Save a web page to a message list

Press S

Follow a highlighted link

Press Enter key

Hide the banner

Press U

View the banner again

Press U

View a thumbnail version of a web page

Press X

To return to the normal view,

press any key
Navigating within a web page

Move up a screen

Press Shift key + Space key

Move down a screen

Press Space Key

Move to the top of a web page

Press T

Move to the bottom of a web page

Press B

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